Re-create the sound of LA with the 65Amps Whiskey tube amplifier

65Amps' Whiskey is a high-gain amp designed to be played loud and emulate the sound of Sunset Strip. 

55Amps Whiskey tube amplifier

65Amps' Whiskey is the result of a collaboration between the company and amp guru, Dave Friedman. 65Amps says the aim was to achieve the 'throttled up sound of “The Strip” in Los Angeles,' where the famous Whisky A Go Go is located, the club which while the company doesn't say it, surely gave The Whiskey its name.

According to 65Amps: 'In addition to very authentic and rich distortion, the clean sound on The Whiskey is loud and proud. The clean channel is completely outside of the Master Volume circuit so the normal compromise of a mediocre clean sound in a high-gain amp is gone. One can actually play louder clean than dirty on this amp if desired.'

The details

The amp itself is part of 65Amps' Blue Line series; meaning it has High Grade Transformers made in Chicago and a custom hand-wound choke made in LA. The capacitors are also made in the US, by SoZo, and 65Amps describes them as 'best sounding and most consistent capacitors made today.'

The black/ steel outfit makes The Whisky look like one mean errrr… amplifier, and complements is high-gain sound perfectly, this is amp that's made to be played loud. Check out the demo video below, from NAMM in early 2014 to hear 65Amps' Dan Boul showing just how loud!

The amplifier itself is rated at 45W output, and has two 6L6 power amps, and thee 12AX7 pre-amps. The chassis is made in LA from high-grade aluminium. On the front-panel are switches for on/off and standby, and controls for Clean Volume, Master Volume, and Treble-Mid-Bass-Presence tone stack. There's also a three-way bright switch for the Clean channel and Input, as well as for  the footswitch jacks, into which you can hook the included footswitch.

There's also an FET driven active FX Loop designed by Dave Friedman; dual speaker outs; and a switch for 8Ω & 16Ω impedance.

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