Find the best online guitar lessons for you 

There are lots of difference places to look for online guitar lessons, but which is best?

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the best part of a decade, you’ll know that YouTube is a treasure chest of both electric and acoustic guitar lessons. Spend a few minutes looking, and you can find lessons for hundreds of well known songs, as well as some of the world’s best known guitar players talking about how they get their distinctive tone, or how they developed their style. The video below shows ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons doing just that.

While You Tube is great for one off lessons, or for finding the notes you just can’t figure out in that solo you’re learning, it’s not the place to go looking for structured lessons. Want to improve your rhythm playing, or immerse your self in the fundamentals of the blues? You’ll need another source for that.

Fortunately there are are several places online which specialise in a more holistic (awful word, I know) approach to guitar playing and provide series of lessons to help you develop skills and style, rather than just showing you where your fingers should go on the fretboard. Aside: we don’t go on much for tab diagrams on Guitar Hive. Apart from the fact that most tab sites are hideous, and contain tabs littered with mistakes, we’re big fans of video lessons: guitar playing is about much more than where your fingers go.

Two of the best known sites are JamPlay and Guitar Tricks. Both offer sample lessons for free on their sites and on You Tube, so you can get an idea of how their tutors work and what you can expect if you sign up. 

Neither of those sites, nor any of the many other online guitar lesson programs are a substitute for one-to-one tuition with good guitar teacher, but they are a good deal less expensive and have the benefit that you can learn at your own pace and re-do lessons whenever you want.

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