The Laguna LE924

Designed and built in Southern California, the Laguna LE924 is a hot rod of a guitar, perfect for playing loud on stage.

Laguna LE924 electric guitar

The Laguna LE924's transparent orange Louisiana swamp ash body is made for guitar gods. And its double cutaway means that it's as comfortable to play as it is to look at.

It has a one-piece maple neck, flat radius fretboard, and high-output DiMarzio pickups. And when you play loud, you're going to want to get heavy with that whammy bar, so there's a double-locking tremelo, in brushed nickel to make sure the whole thing stays in tune.

The AAA maple top is finished in what Laguna calls 'Awesome Orange' and to our eyes, it looks gorgeous.

The DiMarzio pickups are both two coil pups, there's an Air Norton S mini humbucker at the neck and GH5 humbucker at the bridge. The 'GH' refers to Greg Howe, who, as you'll see if you skip about five minutes into the video below, was involved in the design of the Laguna LE924.

Laguna plants trees too

One of the cool things about Laguna guitars, apart from the fact that they are designed by musicians for musicians, and that they're competitively priced, is that Laguna is committed to protecting the environment. So, for example, it plants a tree for every guitar it builds, and its cartons are all made from 100% recycled cardboard, which can itself be recycled. And it doesn't print glossy catalogues, instead it uses its website to promote its guitars and plans on making a downloadable PDF catalogue available.

How does the Laguna LE924 play and sound? 'Let's just say the first time I sat with guitar I did not get up for about 2 hours. Laguna and Greg nailed this one. The neck feels great and the pickup configuration is awesome,' said Guy Gugliemi on Guitar Center

'You can't buy a better axe for the money. The pups on this baby scream bloody murder, yet they're quiet when you're not playing. The neck is ultra-comfortable and built for speed. Great tight response on the lower notes even when you hit your distortion stomp box,' said Texas Picker 45 on Musician's Friend.

Not everyone was as impressed, though. Strat B, also on Musician's Friend, said 'I thought I was going to have the ability to get some full / funky and smooth solo sounds with this guitar.

I found this guitar to produce basically the same type of sound ALL the time. Aggressive. I was not able to reproduce noticeable subtle nuances.'

So there you have it, the Laguna LE924 is definitely worth considering if you want to play loud and on stage, perhaps not so much if you need to play softer, more subtle tones.

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