Gibson launches Les Paul Traditional 120 Flame Top

Gibson has launched a new Les Paul Traditional Flame Top as part of its 120th Anniversary Celebrations. 

Gibson has added another guitar to its limited runs marking its 120th Anniversary celebrations. The Les Paul Traditional 120 Flame Top, is available in three grades of flame maple top, AA, AAA, and AAA+, and is finished in a high gloss Heritage Cherry Finish.

According to the company, the flame maple top 'echoes the beauty of the highly desirable tradition of Les Pauls through the years, a vibe that’s carried through with a slim, fast neck profile on its Grade-A mahogany neck.'


The gorgeous tone woods are complemented in the Les Paul Traditional 120 Flame Top by a pair of 1959 Tribute humbuckers, which feature Alnico II magnets, 42 AWG enamel-coated wire, and slightly mis-matched coils, which Gibson explains 'capture all the depth and edge of the best humbuckers made from 1957-’60.' 

Other hardware includes a Tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar tailpiece, and TonePros Kluson tuners. The fretboard is one piece of rosewood with trapezoidal fret inlays, with one exception. The twelfth fret is inlaid with a commemorative '120th Anniversary' banner. 

Reaction to the Les Paul Traditional 120 Flame Top

The finish, to our eyes, looks stunning in the pictures. We're not quite so sure about the commemorative inlay though. It might appeal to some, especially as its a limited run guitar (though Gibson hasn't said how many it will make), but to us it just looks out of place. 

The good news, however, is that though this is a limited run Les Paul, it's reasonably priced, particularly given the 'almost 1959' spec. It starts at $2800 for the AA top, rising to $3100 for the AAA, and $3600 for the AAA+. As someone in the comments beneath Gibson's press release said: 'This is as close as you can get to a 59 Les Paul (minus the 60's neck) without paying custom shop price. AWESOME!'

If even that is too much for your budget, have a look at the latest Les Pauls on eBay.

Southern Rock Tribute 1959 Les Paul

Gibson has paid tribute to bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Allman Brothers Band with its latest Les Paul.

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