10 Beatles songs which sound incredible when played by finger-picking

You won't believe how incredible these Beatles songs sound when they're played by finger-picking.

I stumbled on a video the other day of Dan C Holloway playing a finger-picking version of The Beatles' While My Guitar Gently Weeps, from The White Album. It's really beautiful, moving even. That prompted me to wonder how many other amazing finger-picking versions of Beatles songs are out there. And it turns out there's quite a few. So I put together a list of my ten favourites (If you feel inspired to learn any of the songs here, have a look at our feature on one of the biggest libraries of guitar song lessons on the Internet.)

In compiling the list I tried to avoid obvious songs like Yesterday, Blackbird, and Hey Jude. As it turned out, many of the songs that I thought I'd b putting on the list, didn't make it, either because I couldn't find a finger-picking version I liked, or because the song just doesn't lend itself to that style of playing. Hey Jude, for example, just sounds dull and miserable when played with just a guitar. Come Together, on the other hand, as you'll see, is amazing.

I also ignored versions of songs that were too close to the original, or didn't add anything, and tried instead to find unusual arrangements. The version of Here Comes the Sun on this list is truly stunning, and is about as far from regular fingerstyle as you can get. 

Anyway, enough of the waffle. Here's that version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps to get started.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

If I Fell

This version of If I Fell by Den Vichakyothin is equally wonderful. There's a fluidity to Den's playing and the emphasis he gives the bass notes works really well.

And I Love Her

This arrangement of And I Love Her, played by soYmartino has a wonderful Spanish feel to it. And the addition of tapping out the rhythm on the guitar's body gives it extra drama. That's something we'll return to a couple of times as we go through the list.


This version of George Harrison's Something, one of my favourite Beatles songs, by peacejoytown, is a great example of what I meant by adding something different. Played on a classical guitar, it has a lovely feel to it and the occasional string bends give it character. It suits the song perfectly.

Can't Buy Me Love

Adam Rafferty uses a thumb pick in this version of Can't Buy Me Love, to sharpen up the attack on the bass notes. He also uses slides where appropriate, and is clearly enjoying getting into the groove. The whole thing has a slight jazzy feel and works beautifully well.

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