10 Beatles songs which sound incredible when played by finger-picking Part II

You won't believe how incredible these Beatles songs sound when they're played by finger-picking.

If you missed the first five incredible finger style versions of Beatles songs, click here to see them.

The Long and Winding Road

Another arrangement featuring a nylon-strung guitar, Mauro Menghini's use of strumming, combined with picking both single and two strings simultaneously gives this version of The Long and Winding Road a classical feel. Another beautiful, moving version of a Beatles classic.

Come Together

Here's that version of Come Together we mentioned, be Leandro Kasan. He really captures the drama of the song by added rhythmically, gradually fading slaps on the body of the guitar. The use of bends, slides and a driving strumming rhythm make this a truly stunning version of the song. You can almost hear John Lennon's voice spitting out the voca

All My Loving

This version of All My Loving from Sungmin Lee is short, but very, very sweet. The little strum at the start of the chorus is a lovely touch, and, again, the thumb pick adds sharpness to the attack on the lower strings. 

The Things We Said Today

Jake Reichbart's arrangement of The Things We Said today combines a slapping, driving strumming pattern with picking to pull out the melody while providing a rhythm backing. This is one of my favourite styles of finger-picking because it allows you to really get into the groove and capture the feel of a song. As an added bonus on this one, Jake teaches you the basics of how he plays it.

Here Comes the Sun

Finally, we saved the very best for last. Jony Ken's arrangement of Here Comes the Sun is utterly incredible. Capturing melody, harmony, and rhythm and starting with the guitar laid flat on his lap before picking it up. All without missing a beat. It truly is a remarkable interpretation of a wonderful song and captures all of its joy. The videography is pretty slick too.

That's all folks

And that's it, ten amazing finger style versions of Beatles songs. I hope you enjoyed listening to them as much as I did digging them out. Let me know in the comments, below if you found any that you think should be on the list.

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