19 YouTube channels every guitar player should subscribe to

There are tons of YouTube guitar channels, but which should you be subscribing to? Here's our list of the best 19.

Search for YouTube guitar videos and you'll find thousands upon thousands. Sifting through theme to find the gems among the errr, not so good ones can be a time-consuming and dispiriting business. So we did it for you! It turns out that a very large number of the very best YouTube guitar videos are on a relatively small number of channels. So by subscribing to those channels you can keep updated with the very best guitar videos on YouTube without having to trawl through all the rest. 

Without further delay, then, here, in no particular order,  are our 20 picks for the best YouTube guitar channels.

1. Justin Sandercoe

315,840 subscribers, 74,788,515 views

This is the channel where one of YouTube's best and most prolific guitar teachers posts his lessons and advice for guitar players.

2. Justin Sandercoe Songs

296,727 subscribers, 97,184,751 views

Another channel from the excellent Justin Sandercoe, this is where he posts 'how to play' videos for specific songs.

3. Martyz Songs

1,026,905 subscribers, 330,934,458 views

Tons of lessons, exercises and 'how to play' videos from one of the best teachers on the web, Marty Schwartz.

4. You Can Learn Guitar

168,304 subscribers, 39,071,742 views

Lessons in a range of guitar playing techniques as well as in things like building a pedal board and setting up your guitar. All from the guys at Guitar Jamz.

5. The Next Level Guitar

261,539 subscribers,129,751,501

Not updated as often as some channels, there's still plenty here to teach you a thing or two and, as the title says, take your guitar playing to the next level.

6. Pro Guitar Shop Demos

160,710 subscribers, 109,516,098 views

A series of kit demonstrations, reviews and lessons. This channel is also home to the weekly video show, Tone Report Weekly. 

7. JamPlay

110,541 subscribers, 26,134,618 views

The official YouTube channel for JamPlay online guitar lessons. There are new lessons posted several times a week to give you an idea of what to expect if you subscribe to JamPlay. You can find out more about JamPlay here.

8. Guitar Lessons 365 Songs

81,324 subscribers, 18,800,618 views

'How to play' lessons from Guitar 365 featuring an eclectic mix of tracks. Everything from Jim Croce's Time in a Bottle to Joe Satriani's Surfing with the Alien. 

9. Robert Renman

50,481 subscribers, 29,290,133

Robert Renman is another great guitar teacher. On this channel you'll find lots of lessons as well as Q&A sessions.

10. True Fire TV

145,708 subscribers, 54,341,642 views

Described by Guitar Player Magazine as 'the planet's largest and most comprehensive selection of online guitar instruction,' True Fire has impressive credentials. Its YouTube channel is packed with lessons which recently have taken on a distinctly jazz and blues flavour.

11. Slash

139,453 subscribers

Slash's official YouTube channel features behind the scenes footage of the great man recording, as well as the regular Ask Slash Q&A segment.

12. Steve Vai Himself

183,468 subscribers, 87,980,511 views

The title kinda says it all. This is Steve Vai's official YouTube channel, featuring performances, demoes, announcements, and the occasional lesson.

13. Guitar Center TV

221,821 subscribers, 98,078,507 views

The YouTube channel for US guitar retailer, Guitar Center. It has demonstrations, performances, and interviews with some of the world's best guitar players.

14. Fender

109,591 subscribers, 55,647,680

The official channel for Fender guitars, featuring, unsurprisingly, lots of people playing Fender guitars. There are some great interviews too, like the one below with Nile Rodgers, talking abut his Fender Hitmaker

15. Berklee Music

55,920 subscribers, 20,001,349 views

The YouTube home of Berklee Online, the online music lesson courses from Berklee School of Music. There are some terrific lessons here on all aspects of playing and creating music. 

16. Guitar Tricks

38,141 subscribers 5,413,504 views

Guitar Tricks is another huge online library of music lessons and its YouTube channel provides a great taster of what's locked up behind its paywall. 

17. Gibson

67,716 subscribers, 20,411,590 views

Gibson's official YouTube guitar channel goes beyond just showing demoes of new guitars and provides a fascinating insight into every aspect of building, maintaining and playing the guitar.

18. Eric Clapton

54,643 subscribers, 15,078,852 views

Not as personal as Vai's YouTube channel, Eric Clapton's channel nevertheless has lots for his fans to watch, including performances, interviews, and promo clips for his upcoming tribute to JJ Cale.

19. Guitar World

261,170 subscribers, 111,808,093 views

Guitar World's channel features reviews, interviews, and lots of lessons on technique. 

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