Bohemian Guitars

by Shaun Lee
(Atlanta, GA)

Boho Motor Oil

Boho Motor Oil

Bohemian Guitars builds unique guitars for musicians who want their instrument to reflect who they are as much as their music does.

We are an e-commerce driven guitar brand renowned for innovative, stylish, and affordable products, a philanthropic mission and an amazing customer service experience. By circumventing traditional channels and engaging with customers directly through our website, Bohemian Guitars is able to provide higher-quality, stylish and trendy guitars at a much more affordable price. We believe that great sounding guitars with the looks to match should not cost a fortune.

The inspiration originated 8,419 miles away from Atlanta in Adam and Shaun Lee’s hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa. There Co-founder Shaun Lee was inspired by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the musicians in South African townships who repurpose discarded materials into playable instruments. When Shaun first heard the amazing sounds coming from a guitar made of such simple materials, he felt a connection to the instrument, one that has never left him.

To us a Bohemian is a free-spirit, a person who doesn’t conform to societal norms for the sake of fitting in. A Bohemian is a person, musician, or artist who lives by his or her own rules and believes in love, freedom, and truth. These are the core values that we founded Bohemian Guitars on and the values we hope to transfer through our body of work and the products we create.

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