Musician's Gear Powered Pedalboard and Gig Bag

Protect you effects pedal and make them easy to carry around with this neat portable pedal board.

The Musician's Gear Powered Pedalboard and Gig Bag is a shoulder bag that looks from the outside like it's been designed for carrying a laptop.

Inside, however, it's a very different story. Unzip the bag and you find a removable pedalboard with its own built-in power strip. Fix your favourite effects pedals to the pedal board with Velcro, plug them into the strip, plug the strip into the mains, and you're good to go.

At the end of the night, unplug the pedalboard from the mains, lift it into the bag, with pedals still attached, and zip the bag up. Easy, huh?

The pedalboard is covered in fabric to make the hook and loop Velcro attachment easy, and the bag comes with a strip of Velcro, ready to attach to your pedals. 

As well as the Velcro, the Musician's Gear Powered Pedalboard and Gig Bag comes with the power adapter, power cables for your pedals, an LED power indicator, and a special adapter for pedals that only accept 9V power.

It's currently available from all the usual outlets, including Guitar Center and Musician's Friend, as well as Amazon.

Reviews of the Musician's Gear Powered Pedalboard and Gig Bag

It's had some good reviews from users, Joe on Guitar Center said, for example: 'I have my wireless,tuner,distortion,chorus, phase 90, chorus,wah, delay, noise gate ALL on this board and powered. Plug it in, 2 wires to gtr and amp and you're set up and ready. If you don't beat your stuff around this thing will last forever.'

Not everyone is over the moon, though, Rob Fauth, also on Guitar Center said: 'The velcro that holds the pedals to the board get's worn out too quickly, especially since you have to carry it on it's side, the pedals slide around while you are carrying it.'

Over on Musician's Friend, DrRoy is happy. 'A great system if you have a small number of pedals. Very versatile for hookups and transport,' he wrote.

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