Olympus Custom Guitars made in Greece

by Johnny Prapas
(Leptokarya Pierias-Greece)

The Olympus Custom Guitars is a musical workshop, made ​​entirely from scratch handmade electric guitars and basses handmade and based in the Leptokaria Pierias.
Activated in the research and manufacturing of electronic musical instruments informally almost ten years,officially from 2011 with different and varied experiments on the electric instruments.
Has a specific philosophy and rules for constructing a handmade guitar is an alternative!
Assumes classic and original designs as various caliber of hand electric guitar or a handmade electric bass.
The 80% of electric instruments made ​​from wood where born and raised in the Mountain of Gods ''Olympus'' is Greek!
This is the alternative!
The 100% electric organ made ​​by hand!
This is the RULE!
Warm Regards
Johnny Prapas

Johnny Prapas
Master Louthier of

Leptokarya Pierias
Ant.Svokou 6-B
T.K 60063

Workshop:+30 23520 33867

Visit us online :

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