Reverend Guitars introduces five new models for 2015

Reverend Guitars has introduced five stunning new guitars to its line-up for 2015, ahead of  NAMM 2105, which opens later this week.

The company said the new models 'push the boundaries of the line while maintaining the Reverend grit and innovation.'

Reverend Descent

First up is the Descent (above), a baritone guitar on Reverend's double-cutaway bolt-on platform. It features a 26 2/4" neck and comes in two pickup configurations. The Descent H90 has humbucker-sized Gnarly 90 bridge and Tel 90 neck pickups and a Wilkinson trem. It's available in Oceanside Green with Maple fretboard or Rock Orange with Rosewood fretboard. The Descent RA has chrome-covered Railhammer chisels and comes in Violin Burst Flame Maple with Rosewood.

Reverend Sensei Jr

Next is the single-pickup Reverend Sensei Jr which is fitted Reverend's own P90 bridge pickup. The company explained that 'the hardtail set-neck guitar sounds slightly hotter than a similar vintage model.' The rosewood neck has dot inlays and the loss Korina body comes in two finishes: Vintage Clear or Tobacco Burst. The Sensei Jr also has a bass tone control which Reverend said makes it 'the most versatile single pickup guitar on the planet.'

Reverend Tricky Gomez P90

The third introduction for 2015 is a P90 version of Reverend's Tricky Gomez which has a routed Korina body with solid maple top. That combination, said the company means it sounds 'like a vintage guitar, but play[s] like a modern one.' The P90 Tricky Gomez has a rosewood neck, a Bigsby B-70, Roller Bridge, and a tortoise pickguard in Satin Redburst or Satin Emerald Green.

Reverend Bayonet RA90

The Reverend Bayonet RA90 has two contrasting Railhammer pickups – there's a Hyper Vintage Humbucker at the bridge for ringing, open tones, and fat Gnarly 90 at the neck for raw attack. The Korina body has a flame maple cap, the neck is rosewood, and there's a Wilkinson Tremelo System at the bridge. The Bayonet A90 comes in Gloss Wine Red FM and Gloss Orange FM.

Reverend Double Agent OG

Finally, the Reverend Double Agent W now has a sibling, the single-cutaway Double Agent OG (Original Guitar – because the original Double Agent was single-cutaway). Like the W, the OG uses a humbucker/ P90 combo, but it also has a tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece. The Double Agent OG is available in Gloss Violin Brown Flame Maple with a Maple fretboard or Gloss Metallic Alpine with a Rosewood fretboard.

Read more about all the new models at Reverend Guitars.

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