Six incredible street guitar players you won't believe

Wherever you go in the world there are incredible guitar players, sitting on street corners and in doorways busking for a few pennies. Here are six of the best.

Sometimes the most incredible guitar players aren't to be found in the recording studio or in a stadium or concert hall, but on a street corner or in a doorway. These six videos prove that buskers are among the most amazing guitar players around. Some of the playing is almost beyond belief.

Polish Flamenco player

This guy was found sitting beside a doorway in Kotowice, Poland. He plays flamenco with such speed and precision, its astonishing, but the never loses the feel for the music, whether he's holding the guitar normally, or switching it so that it's flat on his lap. Stunning.

Hip flask blues

We don't know much about his guy, unfortunately, other than his name is Jack Broadbent and he plays a mean slide guitar. As you can see he plays slide using a hip flask and with the guitar flat on his lap, like an old lap steel guitar. I've lots of videos of decent open-tuning slide players but never seen one using a hip flask, and very few who are as talented as this guy.

Dublin bluesman

More blues, this time on Dublin's Grafton Street. This guy takes a little while to tune up but once he gets going he plays the most incredible finger-picking blues. Listen to him as he rips through Eric Johnson's Song for George on a rainy night in Dublin.

Parisienne walkway

If there's one place in the world where you can go on any given day and except to see an artist of the highest calibre, it's Paris' Monmartre district. And that's certainly the case here. Jacek Piotrowicz is from Krakow in Poland and, judging from this video is a very accomplished classical guitar player. 

Florida Street shredder

We head over to Argentinian capital Beunos Aires for the next one. Damian Salazar plays on the city's Florida Street and amazes passers by with his shredding. Watch the video and you'll find out why.

Flamenco duo

Why have one flamenco player on the streets of Barcelona when you can have two? Rodgrigo y Gabriela have nothing on these guys. Adrian Roman and Tiberiu Eduard Gogoanta play in Barcelona's Gothic quarter, and it's almost worth the price of the flight just to go and watch them live.

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