Virgil Guitars

by Virgil Mandanici
(Tampa, Florida)

Virgil Guitars focuses on handcrafted guitars that are "one-offs". This means that each guitar we build is a one-of-a-kind and there will never be any guitar exactly like it. We do have some basic models that are mainly set-neck guitars (not bolt-ons) that we customize to your specs, built from the ground-up for you. This includes a wide variety of exotic woods we offer, custom inlays (if you want) various hardware options and custom (in-house) handwound pickups.

All of our guitars are spot-on when it comes to quality, feel performance and tonal structures, however, we like to focus on making the guitar of your dreams and it really is more about the journey of this build than anything else. We post pictures daily of your build so you and thousands of fans get to cheer on your build on Facebook and Twitter and we even offer a DVD that will showcase your entire build with a backing track I can perform on your guitar. Something to cherish for a lifetime. We have had NO complaints from any of our customers, just phenomenal testimonials as to the magic we really do here and how these guitars feel and sound.

We have tons of videos on our website so you can hear these gems in action, as well as photos galore to see the quality of our work. Custom builds start at $2400 USD and can go as high as you want, depending on the complexity of the build, inlays, etc. No pressure sales and nearly 40 years as a guitarist, I am eager to meet your needs!

Contact: Virgil Mandanici
Virgil Guitars
Tampa, FL USA
Showroom & tours by appointment only

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Aug 20, 2014
Katana build
by: Marc

I am the owner of build #14 Katana. I love the feel of the neck which is similar to my Gibson LP. I had Virgil make me in house pickups that were both smokey blues and hard rock. Katana has nice cleans, but can also scream like a great axe should! Friends love to play her and even use her in shows. This is the best purchase I have made in guitars, compared to a Fender Strat Dave Murray Artist and a Gibson LP Alex Lifeson Artist.

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